Friday, 24 October 2014

Reduce The Hassle Of Asylum Protection Through Our Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers in Fairfax VAFew parts of the US law are as complex as the immigration law; which has diverse provisions that can be confusing to the common man on how it works. It gives a limit as to the number of persons that can be accommodated as immigrants, with exceptions for close family members and relatives. The immigration program in the US is an idea founded on a noble course, primarily geared towards uniting families. In addition, the immigration law makes the relevant provisions to allow the US economy to benefit from skills brought forth by immigrants who possess valuable skills bound to have a positive impact to the nation. Above all, it is meant to grant protection to refugees who flee their country, as well as enhance diversity in the US.

Get an Asylum Immigration Lawyer to Fight for you

Asylum is a form of protection that is offered by our US law and which allows individuals who are already in America to become citizens, for fear that they may become prosecuted if they go back to their country of origin. This is a special type of protection, as the applicant is normally already situated in the US at the time they are seeking it. One is allowed to fulfill the requirements to be granted the protection and eventually, provisions in the law allow one to become a permanent citizen of the US.

It so happens that each and every year, thousands of persons cross into the US border, and land in US soil in need of protection. This is because they fear persecution in their own country due to their political and/or religious affiliations, their race, or being members of a given social group. Given that you have sufficient ground to apply for asylum, all you need is a competent lawyer to handle the case for you. Getting a skilled lawyer with the relevant experience in the field is paramount in ensuring that your case goes through, and you are granted your wish despite the large number of persons seeking the kind of protection.

Other Cases Immigration Lawyers can handle
An immigration lawyer in Fairfax VA is a major asset if you desire to become a successful US Immigrant and eventually gain permanent residence in the US. The areas in which an immigration lawyer comes in handy is in seeking;
Family based Immigration; the immigration policy basically revolves around the family unit, seeking to unify related persons. The law provides that permanent residents of the US or its citizens are capable of bringing certain members of their family into the US. This includes a spouse, a child below 21 years of age, as well as allows children above 21 years to bring their parents.

Employment based immigration; the US laws allow persons with exceptional skills to become citizens – with the aim of enhancing the economic power of the nation. One can apply for this type of immigration given that they meet the criterion necessary, and which can be either on a temporary or a permanent basis.

If you consider yourself a vulnerable person and is seeking asylum immigration lawyer in the US, consult a competent lawyer at Mark Law Immigrant based in Fairfax VA, and make your dream of living in safety a reality.

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